About us

All start at Brussels when three students(Yanis, Pierre et Sebastien) met each other and decided to take over a new business. Given that the three of us were really passionate about sneakers, we decided to share our knowledge about the sneakers culture, nothing else.

Then, after doing great by giving good tips and new released, people were really happy and all were following us. Then, we decided to sell shoes on our website. This has worked really well given that we now count 4 shops in England.


We all had some dreams when being little. All of us had differents goals.

When Yanis (at the left) was a young man who was a dreamer of one day starting a business. Then Pierre (in the middle) wanted to be the bigest basket player on earth. Sebastien (at the right) was doing well at playing tennis and wanted to become coach.

The passion of the sport united us and we now want to offer you the shoes which is going to make you dream reality

« Sneakcop » designs, manufactures and distributes custom sneakers and athletic footwear for men and women. Consumers can order direct from the company website or become authorized wholesalers.





Rue de la souveraine, 86

1000 Brussels


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